6 + Paint & Showgirl Silkie Bantam Hatching Eggs

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    This is a BUY NOW for 6 + Purebred Paint & Showgirl Silkie Hatching Eggs extra's will be included if my girls allow it.

    My flock did NOT come from a hatchery...

    In this coop I have two Paint hens, two Black hens, Two Partridge showgirl hen, Paint showgirl Rooster and Two Frosted Paint Rooster.

    Eggs will not be shipped until payment has been accepted.

    Eggs will be wiped off if necessary but unwashed due to contamination.

    I will accept Paypal for payment, which is due the day auction closes. Contact me prior if you want to make other arrangements.

    Shipping is $15 I will ship Priority. I individually wrap my eggs in bubble wrap and stamp FRAGILE & PERISHABLE on the box, contact me prior if you want something different. I do my best to make sure your eggs will make it as safely as possible. But once the eggs leave my hands I have no control over how the USPS handles your eggs. I also have no control over the success of your hatch.

    More pictures at www.lwbarnhouse.com
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    What lines are these birds derived from?

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