6 Paint Silkie Eggs in Al NPIP


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
The eggs are from my Paint Roo and 2 Black hen. My experience so far with 10 chicks hatched out is: 6 Paint and 4 Black. Paint to white or black will produce some paint chicks at a rate of approxmately 50% based on the reports I have received from others breeding these birds.

I am offering these on "Buy it Now" because I have not tested the eggs from one of my hens in with the Paint boy. I have 8 eggs developing outside from one of my black girls but I only added the second girl last week. I do see bulls eyes but can't testify that the new girls eggs develop. I don't have room for anymore chicks and I promised myself no winter babies this year.

I have the 6 eggs in the cooler now and will ship anything that is laid prior to shipping. This is a PayPal auction only and eggs will go out upon receipt of the Payment. I have excellent reports on the shipping from my location. I package in egg cartons with lots of bubble wrap and shredded paper. If temps are going to be over 80 I will use a cool pac for the shipment.

Any questions regarding paint Silkies or these eggs please feel free to PM me.

Payment can be made to :[email protected]

Thanks for looking.
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