6 Paint Silkie/ Possible Showgirl Eggs (Other Colors May Hatch Too) + Polkies

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    This is a "Buy It Now" Listing.

    Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail at the cost of $12.

    Paypal payment is due at the time you commit to buy. I will PM you my Paypal info.

    6 eggs from my paint silkie and showgirl flock. In addition to paint, these eggs also hatch black, blue, partridge, or white. Sometimes a red paint will hatch. I have a black showgirl roo (hatched from paints) and silkie paint roo over paint silkie and showgirl hens, as well as one black hen.

    I will also include at least two eggs from my "Polkie" pen, which is bantam frizzled showgirls and blue silkies and one blue showgirl. These eggs are marked so they can be distinguished from the paint pen eggs.

    I've attached lots of pictures of what I have. Feel free to scroll through all the pictures at the top to check them out! These birds are my pets and I love them all. I'm hoping that sharing these eggs I cannot hatch will bring someone else as much enjoyment.

    Keep in mind while beautiful silkies and showgirls hatch, not all of them are perfect. Paints are still a work in progress. Sometimes there are pigment holes in the eyes or pink skin, incorrect toes, single comb, or other imperfections can happen in addition to off colors.

    Since I cannot control the hens laying, if they should slow down, and I am unable to collect the minimum by the shipping date, the buyer would have the option to cancel order or wait for the additional eggs.

    I am getting excellent fertility in the eggs I am incubating, but I cannot guarantee hatch rates with shipped eggs. I have even had 100% fertility reported on eggs I shipped last month. They will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes 2-3 days. I will not be responsible for any accidents in the mail since I cannot control what happens when they leave. I will ship within continental US only, excluding HI, AK. If your state has restrictions on receiving shipped eggs, please contact me prior to buying. I will individually wrap each egg and package with care. I will mark the box as fragile. There are too many factors that affect hatching of eggs, I cannot guarantee hatch rates.

    I don't wash the eggs, but I wipe loose dirt off of the occasional dirty eggs.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions. Thanks! [​IMG]
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