6+ partridge and blue bantam cochin eggs to be shiped Monday.


Sep 3, 2009
I have 1 partridge hen laying and 1 blue hen laying. This is my first time shipping eggs so Im kind of in the test mode to figure everything out. Ill include anything extra layed before I ship them out Monday. I need feedback on how you recieved the eggs and also on hatching. I have had about a 98% hatch rate with these eggs and the chicks are healthy and strong. I would also like to trade eggs if anyone is interested. I want good quality blue and partridge bantam cochin from breeders who did not get theirs from ideal because that is where I got mine from. Please pm me for the trading and for any other info you might need. Thanks a bunch!

This is Henry about 2 months ago. The thumbprint is Henry and Pansy.

This is when the Big Blue was younger, sorry I dont have any recent pics.

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