6 Partridge Silkie Chicks (about 2 mths) or at least 10! Read on!

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    Here for your consideration is 6 Partridge & Blue Partridges) Here is the deal you can buy 6 of them for $150 shipped & box fee included or buy all I have which is between 10 & 13 for $215 that includes shipping and box(s). If you only want 6 pm me please, so the balance can stay up for auction. If you want them all then just bid and close the auction. The last pics are of moms and the dad.

    The whites and splash in this pic are already sold.


    Moms and dad


    I also have a trio (well I know two of them are pullets.. I think the other one is a cockerel but not sure but all three are in this package). they are about 3-4 months old. Sell for $155 includes shipping and box. I don't have pictures as it got too dark last night. So that is why I did not put up as a separate auction. I will try to get pics tonight. Just pm me if you are interested.

    oh found a partial pic that the partridge was in.

    thanks for looking Cj
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