6+ Polish Hatching Eggs

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    Up for auction are 6 (+ any extras at the time of shipping) polish chicken eggs. Currently we have got a buff laced roo over a buff laced hen and a blue hen. I can't send color preference, you will receive eggs from both hens. They are carrying the bearded gene, as half our chicks have had beards, but I cannot guarantee the ones you hatch will have beards. Since they are a crested breed, sometimes other breeds will pick on them. Our roo doesn't allow anyone to pick on his girls, but they are all pretty gentle birds.

    Due to shipping hazards and individual incubation practices, I cannot guarantee your hatch rate, but I will ship fresh and get them to you unbroken. Can ship with an ice pack and can place a hold on the package if you want to pick it up from the post office yourself. Our flock is not NPIP certified yet, but we are going through the process currently (and will probably be done by the time these guys hatch, if you want me to send the info later). Prompt payment can be made through Paypal to [email protected] to ensure prompt mailing of the package. Please make sure I get your phone number if you want me to place a hold on the package.

    If you have any questions you can post here or PM me. Do not try to use the email above to contact me, it won't reach me.

    Here's some pictures of the chicks we've gotten from them:

    Three from our first hatch- Starfox (bearded roo), Optimus Prime (Non-bearded roo) and Megatron (non-bearded hen)

    Spreading Starfox's wing to see colors... he's about 3-4 weeks here.

    Megatron at about 3-4 weeks

    The last hatch we did a couple weeks ago- Bearded buff, bearded splash, and bearded buff/white. They're a couple hours old here.

    And the parents:

    Here's our pretty-boy. he's still growing back feathers from getting pecked half to death where he lived previously.

    The roo's back with an open wing.

    He's getting tired of being held for pics... Please note his feet- we do not believe this is genetic as all of the kids have had perfect feet (can see in photos above). The lady we got him from (shouldn't have had chickens) was clipping his beak, spurs, and his toes. We believe she may have clipped off some of his claws when he was little, as they look like scarred amputations. He was filthy and missing half his feathers when we got him, but is doing 100% better after a couple months with us.

    Mom #1, our blue hen the day we got her.

    Mom #2, our buff laced hen current day.

    Good luck!

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