6 possibly 7 Ducks WITH BUMBLEFOOT! HELP!

Shadowhills Farm

12 Years
Nov 14, 2009
DuPont, Washington
We noticed one of the ducklings laying down, not wanting to move. We picked it up and it had HUGE bumps on the bottom of its' feet. Definitely Bumblefoot! Checked EVERYONE- 4 out of the 5 ducklings have it, and the 2 Muscovies have it.

We lanced the area, blood came out. Put some sterile saline on the areas. We have to go to Tractor Supply and get more vet-wrap.

What can I do (I know soaking the foot and things like that) about getting the puss out? Anything else I need to do?
Thank you, I've taken a look at them.

I'm just not sure how to get the puss to drain? I've tried to poke and cut at the infection. I stabbed myself once with the Muscovy. The Ducklings aren't too bad, but they scream and sound in so much pain....
Thank You. We have dealt with the early early stages of Bumblefoot or some type of Fungal infection before with my Pekin Drake, but all 6 out of 9 ducks have it...Ducklings seem to be in early stages, Muscovies seem to be in the later stages....
I have a rocky backyard all my ducks and geese have knobby feet. Someone in a thread where I had posted pictures said one of my ducks had bumblefoot. The vet I had out here at the end of last year said it was not bumblefoot.

Here's the picture:


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