6+ Project Bantam Lavender Cochin Hatching Eggs *BIN*

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    Shipping is included in the BuyItNow price above. This auction is for 6 Bantam Lavender Cochin eggs. I will try and include a couple extra eggs incase of breakage.

    This is a project that I have been wanting to work on for awhile, and the girls are finally laying and my incubator is full so I'm offering these eggs up for auction, instead of eating them. These little Cochins are the sweetest things. The two little hens are so curious and friendly. They come up to the cage door when I open it for attention. They really have a sweet personality. These would be a great breed for children to raise, as they are so sweet and just love attention. They are always underfoot when I'm in their run giving them food or water. Really inpressed with their loveable personality and their pretty color.

    As always I cannot guarentee your hatch rate due to your incubation methods, P.O. handling, etc. Shipping eggs is a gamble.

    PayPal auction only. Send payment to: [email protected] If you have any questions please PM me. Thanks for looking and Happy Hatching!
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