6 Purebred Silkie eggs for sale ~NY~ will ship tomorrow

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  1. I have 6 purebred silkie eggs for sale. My silkies are buff, black, calico, splash, and partridge. They are bearded and non bearded. This year I have gotten partridge, buff, and splash chicks out of them, that are bearded and non bearded. I have been getting 95% fertility and about the same hatch rate.

    They are $17.00 total w/ Priority mail shipping.

    I can ship the eggs tomorrow if you pay by PayPal. I do not accept paypal e-checks, as they take too long to clear.


    The pictures are from chicks that are a little over a week old.

    Here is a Splash chick.

    Another chick.

    Edited to add: June 13th EGGS ARE SOLD.. MORE IN UPCOMMING DAYS
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