6+ Rare Breed Hatching Egg Mix

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    Apr 11, 2013
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    I have the following rare breed mix of hatching eggs and may include the following:

    Tolbunt Polish
    English Chocolate Bantam Orpington
    Phoenix Longtails in crele and bbred
    Flyties (Phoenix/Ohiki) in grizzly (barred)
    Old English Game Bantams in silver duckwing and fawn-silver duckwing

    I will try my best to include one of each. However, the orpingtons are laying more frequently than the other breeds. You may receive 3+ orpington eggs in the mix.

    Shipping will be an additional $15 and will be sent express mail. Eggs will be individually wrapped for safe delivery.

    Please visit www.superiorfeathers.com for additional information and pictures. Thank you for looking at my birds!


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