6 Rare Silver Duckwing / Grey Asil test Hatching Eggs

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    For your consideration I'm offering 6 Extremely Rare Silver Duckwing / Grey Asil test Hatching Eggs.

    The Asil sometimes spelled Aseel is an ancient breed of fowl from India dating back over 2,500 yrs. How's that for a Herritage chicken lol [​IMG]

    The Asil are best known as Gamefowl, or sometimes called oriental games. To sum it up my line is simply dead game and bidders should be aware of this aggressive nature in males.

    Roosters / Cocks are known to be very territorial with other
    male fowls, but are gentle in nature and friendly towards humans and most important of all the kids, and I've raised silkies just to compare their docileness lol
    They are relatively layed back and calm, like most breeds of roosters are, unless an unfamiliar bird enters the flock.

    All the eggs I ship will be from 1 pair, and I ask that you keep in touch, so we can work together if needed. So that we may help you get a flock established. I will pm winner my cell number so that if you have any questions just call or text.
    From this particular mating you will most likely get interesting coloration.

    Your males look like you average duckwing color Roo.
    My hens vary in color some look duckwing and have a powerful eagle looks, and some come laced and have a common pheasant like appearence to them.

    Hens are generally poor layers, but are amazing mothers and setters, I've had young pullets go broody after laying as many as 6-12 eggs. My girls probably lay on average depending on age, 100 plus eggs and sometimes more per yr.

    My girls are sweethearts, they follow me everywhere and jump on my shoulders for treats.

    I have to be careful when I let my hens free range because they'll sometimes jump the fence and follow anybody they think has treats especially the neighbours kids. Though it doesn't help that they actually do feed them treats [​IMG]

    These again were originally bred as gamefowl, we took them on for conservation project after reading about them and making a bunch of long distant phone calls.
    Needles to say we got them, and very much enjoy having Asil [​IMG]

    We breed Asil for all their stadards, pearl eyes, gamieness/temperment and all, because these are the characteristics that make up this breed.
    conservation of this breed and many other fowl is very important to us and our fellow breeder friends in TX .

    So we decided to let a few eggs go, to get another breeder stared with some Asil, hopefully they will be shown to get the judges more familur with this rare color of Asils.

    The Asil is a hard featherd breed, and is said to be the ancestor of the more popular cornish. Asil are natural foragers and love to free range.
    Asil have a wider skull structure and have a round shaped head. Asil like most old good lines of fowl in all breeds, mature slowly hens lay anywhere from 6-8 moths.
    Cockerel need at least 12-18 months to fully reach maturity.
    Roosters are known to have a nasiley or sometimes called an odd crow.
    The silver duckwing variety of Asil are referred to as (Jawa,Java,Greys)

    Our Asil come from certain strains and breeders not listed. This info will only be disclosed with the winner if this auction. We don't want any people stealing names just to make a quick buck.

    Again this auction us for 6 eggs, we ship through USPS priority mail.
    Paypal only please !
    As you all may know the shipping process can sometimes be rough, and so We cannot guarentee fertility or hatchability for reasons out of our control.
    We do however take great pride and care on how we handle and pack our eggs.
    I as the seller have the right to refuse the winning bidder any hatching eggs if I suspect your looking to use these for illegal purposes.
    These are for show and conservation purposes only !
    Happy Hatching !!! [​IMG]

    Fell free to pm or ask any questions you may have [​IMG]


    Diff shade of grey in hen line
    Asil chicks
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