6 RIR and Sexlink/RIR eggs for sale!! (in WV) Will ship!!

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  1. kryptoniteqhs

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Perris, CA
    I can ship these eggs out tomorrow! Also, if there are anymore eggs in the nest tomorrow I can ship extras! At least 3 are my RIR rooster to my RIR hen and up to 3 are my RIR roo to my red sexlink hen!! If someone is interested I can price shipping in the morning. I am thinking its like 7 bucks?? Anywho...other option is you tell me how much you think shipping is from Martinsburg, WV to YOU! So this will be my first time shipping, so I wont charge a whole lot more than shipping, maybe like .50 an egg or something.....Just reply back or PM me if your interested and we can work something out! The parents are on my page on both the Rhode Island Red section and "Hazelnut" in the Sexlink section. Also here are some pictures of the eggs I got the other day!!


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  2. chilling in muscadine

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I am interested especially in the rir's if they are pure breeds but I need to know if you are NPIP certified first.

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