6 RIR who just aren't laying!!!!


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Hi All,

I am beyond frustrated with a group of RIR I purchased about 3 weeks ago! All are of laying age 5 months (or at least thats what I was told at time of purchase, i'm fairly green, but grew up around layers). Their coop is large enough, i have made sure their feed needs are met (17% including additional calcium from oyster shells), I have made sure they have access to clean drinking water at all times, they are allowed to roam free range (within a large fenced pasture), I have ensured there is no places they could hide eggs (but they have tons of shade and cover), their poop is clean of any signs of illness, I clean their bedding frequently, they have access to nesting boxes at all times (I have three), they have enough roosts for the evening, their coop is not drafty or under ventilated.

What am I doing wrong! I have a silkie I keep in a rabbit hutch which I converted to a coop for her and she lays just about everyday (totally weird for a silkie, she also has never gone broody in the month I have had her!)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hens: 6 RIR (Only one has a name and that I won't say since it will get me banned), 2 Amerucana (Wilhelmina & Cleo), 2 Barred Rock (The Harveys *My son named these*
), 1 Welsummer (Princess Kate;)), 1 New Hampshire Red (Princess Salty *My daughter and her friend named this one*
), Splash Silkie (Zoey aka Broody Mama -except she never goes broody!)
Give them a little bit. In my experience most will not start laying until they're about six to seven months old.
Still impatient. I also put golf balls in there and swapped out the hay I was using for pine shavings. Also one of the hens is a serious witch and has come at my face and our 10 month old son who was on my back. She only did it once, but every time I go in there she bocks at me and follows me closely.
I know how you feel, i have 4 the same age and have no notion of starting to lay, its doing my head in!!
I have the same problem. 3 RIR hens that were born in Mid March of this year. Combs have gotten very large in recent weeks, and was expecting something any day now, but nothing. I caught one of the girls standing on one leg, and stretching her right wing out towards the ground. I thought this might me a sign. One of the other girls has started copying her. I'm hoping that this is the "egg squat" I've been hearing so much about. Can anyone elighten me?
just before mine started to lay they got alot more 'friendly' bok bokking around in corners and such..I took them to the coop and made a nest in straw and sat them in there, just petting the back until they's sit for a bit, them left them alone in there with food and water. Now they go in there and done by 1pm, x for one, whose eggs are starting to brown up and she's the late one...just give em time and be calm with them, they'll get it. I mean, its new for them too.
My RIR is the same age and is not laying either. She has the biggest, reddest combs and wattles of any of my girls. I have two others that are laying (the same age and younger), but none from her yet.
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