6+ silkie, showgirl, serama eggs- $25 shipped(PA)

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Northwestern, pa
    i'm trying to save up for a pair of jacobins and a pair of fantail pigeons if i can do it to start a new hobbie. the money from this goes to buy them and have them shipped in so any help is greatly appreciated.[​IMG]

    6+ eggs ur choice for $25 shipped per set. will ship in order payment is recieved asap as soon as they r laid. payment via paypal to [email protected]. i will send as many extras as i can. put on payment ur choice. please post here what u r wanting also to make it easier for me.

    white silkie
    buff silkie
    white showgirls
    blue/black/splash-showgirls possible frizzled
    partridge showgirls
    assortment whoever lays

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