6+ Silkied Bantam Cochin Barred & Black eggs ~NPIP~ Alabama

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    6+ Silkied Bantam Cochin Eggs in Barred and Black varieties. A few years ago I had a barred pullet hatch out silkied. It has taken me 3 year to produce these silkied cochins, since the "gene for silkie feathering" is recessive. I have 2 silkied barred roos over barred & black silkied cochin hen and also black cochin hens split to "silkied". So some chicks may hatch out normal feathered but they will carry the gene for "silkied feathering".
    I have been getting great fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation techniques. I bubble wrap each eggs and then place them in a egg carton which is securely packed in a #7 Priority Mail box. I think the larger box offer good protection.
    NPIP 64-1039 & AI Certified My Paypal id is [email protected]


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    Those have got to be the cutest chickens I have EVER seen! Hard work paid off!


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