6 Silkied Bantam Cochin eggs ~ Barred & Black

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    6 Silkied Bantam Cochin Eggs in Barred and Black varieties. I always try to include an extra or two eggs if they are laid. A few years ago I had a barred pullet hatch out silkied. It has taken me 3 year to produce these silkied cochins, since the "gene for silkie feathering" is recessive. I have 2 silkied barred roos over barred & black silkied cochin hen and also black cochin hens split to "silkied". So some chicks may hatch out normal feathered but they will carry the gene for "silkie feathering". These are not crossed to the Silkie breed.

    I bubble wrap each eggs and then place them in a egg carton which is securely packed in a #7 Priority Mail box.Box will be marked FRAGILE. I think the larger box offers good protection and rarely have damages but, I DO NOT guarantee hatch-ability due to shipping and your incubation methods. Handling & Shipping(Priority Mail) $12.00...Please pay by Paypal after auction ends so that I can ship the eggs quickly. If you want me to send you a PayPal invoice you need to email or pm me your email address . NPIP # 64-1039 & US AI clean. Let me know if you need NPIP paperwork with the eggs. Check my other auctions . I will combine shipping when possible, but cannot hold eggs over to ship with another auction ending several days later, I want you to have freshest eggs possible. Thanks for looking ! Shipping only in U.S.

    Payment is by PayPal to [email protected]

    Quote from Customer-
    Bel - "They are beautiful birds, and all cochin. I got 2 silkied cochins and one non silkied carrier out of eggs bought from Swheat last year.
    Their feet are normal cochin feet, and comb red, they are all cochin, not a bit of silkie in them. Even non silkied are high quality, mine is super fluffy and round."

    Adult birds-

    When they were younger- and need a bit more filling out.

    and chicks...

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