6+ Silkied Barred & Black Bantam Cochin Eggs ~NPIP~ Al

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    6+ Silkied barred & black cochin eggs. A few years ago I had a barred pullet hatch out silkied. It has taken me 3 year to produce these silkied cochins, since the "gene for silkie feathering" is recessive. I have 2 barred roo over barred & black silkied cochin hen and also black cochin hens split to "silkied". So some chicks may hatch out normal feathered but they will carry the gene for "silkied feathering" or Hookless feather gene.
    NPIP 64-1039 & AI Certified My Paypal id is [email protected]

    There will be ready to go Monday.

    These are bantam cochins.

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