6+ Spangled Russian Orloff eggs...BIN includes shipping!

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    This week, I will begin filling my waiting list orders for eggs per dozen...but the girls have been generous, so I can offer a 6+ pack one more time. These eggs will ship on Monday. Due to the increased cost of my packing supplies and gas (I live in a remote area), I have had to adjust my egg prices accordingly. Your eggs will be packaged well...I'm not stingy with the materials when it comes to shipping eggs. [​IMG]

    I will pm the winning bidder with payment info after the auction ends. I will try to get some pics uploaded and posted into this thread, but in case I don't, pics of my stock can be seen on my website. My birds are non-hatchery stock, and I've already hatched several clutches of chicks from them...so fertility is confirmed.

    Due to the many variables involved with shipped hatching eggs, I am not responsible for your hatch rate. Nor am I responsible for eggs that are damaged by the postal service while in transit.


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