6 Splash Wyandottes - 13.5wks old


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Northeast Pennsylvania
My landlady recently passed away and we found a place, but we need to downsize some more. I have 77 chickens and I think moving them may be a pain. My husband is against this and is having a fit that I was talking about selling our girls. The girls that I am posting for sale are all against his will, but he has to come to terms with the fact that we can't keep them all when we don't know where we are moving to or when we will be having to move.

Again, my husband is upset with me over this, too... I am sell 6 of my Splash Wyandottes. As stated, they are 13.5wks old. There is four pullets and two cockerels. All 6 have rose combs. They are hatchery stock (Privett). When I bought these guys, I ordered 5 blue pullets and 5 blue straight run. I ended up with 12 birds; 5 blue, 6 splash and 1 black. They are all free range.

The Delawares and blue Wyandottes are not for sale. I am selling the Splash/Blue Laced Wyandottes, though.

This picture was from four weeks ago.

This is all of the Wyandottes when they were about 5-6wks old.

Payment to be sent via Paypal - reyvaughn@yahoo.com
Pick Up only - my zip code is 17814 (I am near Unityville, PA).
I may be willing to meet you for an additional fee.

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