6+ split lav SIlkie eggs-SOLD PRIVATELY thanks:-)

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    Hi all,

    Well my girls are laying again and I just hatched 3/5 two days ago ( all 5 made it to lockdown 2 died in shell after pipping 1 pure lav and 1 split) I hatched 2 splits and 1 pure lav-I WILL POST NEW PHOTOS TONIGHT AT SOME POINT OF THE TWO I HATCHED. I had some issues with this pen a while back as one of hens hens was throwing 4-toers even though they all had 5 toes each? So I stopped selling them. I seperated all hens and marked and collected all their eggs. Hatch time came and found one hen to be the culprit:-( I gave her to a good friend who just needed a bantam buddy that was lonely. I have only kept and bred 5 toers-this hen came from VT who's parents I did not see-and Im thinking either mom or dad had 4 toes..They all went broody in the beginning of Winter and I let all of them go broody with tester eggs -they have been busy raising babies and are now done and laying again:) The Parents are all split Lavs.

    This auction is for 6+( hopefully 9) I will mail these March 7th-your chances of getting pures lavs are as follows ( allthough Ive been getting slightly more than the 25% of pures 30-35%)
    25% pure lavs
    50% splits
    25% pure blacks

    NEW HATCH FROM 2/25/11 from fertility testing:)
    next two photos are of the same chick just couldnt get a photo of both feet together had to take seperate photos! [​IMG]
    Lav silkie [​IMG]

    For those of you who have hatched these guys-please feel free to post photos of the lavs you got? I dont have any good photos yet:-(
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