6+ SQ Ameraucana Black and Blue Standard Eggs.


11 Years
May 10, 2008
Bryant, Ia
Up for auction is 6 eggs out of my SQ Ameraucana Standard eggs. The Rooster and two of the hens are black and I have two blue and one splash hen. The chicks will either be black or blue no splash. The eggs are a beautiful blue green color. Fertility has been almost a 100% on these eggs but there are no guarantees. I carefully bubble wrap each egg and ship only the freshest eggs and I will ship any extras at the time of shipment. Shipping will be a flat $12.00. I accept pay pal and credit cards and I will take money orders.
Will you have these later? I am ordering a dozen LF Ameraucana eggs from someone else but not sure how long it will be before shipping. I would love to have them shipped around the same time.
Three of the hens came from eggs i bought from the gal on here who gos by Pips and Peeps, she has real nice birds and breeds to the APA standard. I can not think of her name right now. The rooster and the two black hens I bought from Duane Urch at the Eastern Iowa Show this fall, he sells a variety of show quality chicks.

I hope this helps.
I have some of these from Laurie. They are very nice birds. I kept a roo back for breeding. I also have birds from Dipsey Doodle Doo. The roo I kept from that line has a nicer comb, but is pretty small. So I'm using the rooster form the line pictured to add some size to the flock, hopefully.

Also, I had an excellent hatch rate from Laurie's eggs. The chicks were lively when they hatched.
Ok I would love to get some when my other eggs ship. I will let you know when I hear from her. My eggs are already paid for so I'm just waiting to get up to the top of the waiting list

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