6+ SQ Black Australorp HE - Best LF in Show over Premium Pullets


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Calaveras County
Up for auction are 6+ SQ Black Australorp hatching eggs. This is your opportunity if you are looking for some very nice Australorps from Bruce and Lowell Sherman lines. In this pen I have the Best LF in Show from the 2010 Fall Paseo Robles show covering 5 premium pullets. I am collecting an average of three eggs from this coop each day and will send whatever is laid between Friday March 4 and Sunday March 6. I will be prepared to ship out Monday morning, so please be prepared to pay promptly with PayPal, and not with an e-check. Eggs are also available on my website: sustainableyieldpoultry.com, if you are looking for smaller or larger quantities.

I prefer a holistic approach to nutrition, making a variety of whole grains, show feeds, oyster shell, greens and fruits available to my birds with plenty of clean fresh well water. My birds are housed here in the Sierras in open front poultry houses with attached exercise yards. Couple good food, clean water and fresh air with proven genetics and you’ll have all the makings of a future champion!

If you have purchased or looked at online egg auctions before, then you are aware that there is no guarantee for how eggs are handled once they leave my care. I have received ill-packaged, dirty eggs myself, so rest assured these eggs will be well prepared for shipment. I do not wash eggs, but bedding is changed frequently to ensure eggs stay clean.

When payment is received, I will package your eggs promptly and securely, sending them priority mail with confirmed delivery. I usually label my boxes “hatching eggs.” If you would prefer to have me request that you are called for pick-up, I am happy to do this for you as well.

Priority shipping is $15 in a large box. Payment is by PayPal only, and is expected within 24 hrs of the close of the auction. This allows me to collect, package and ship your eggs promptly. Auctions close on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure eggs are not left sitting at some holding station over the weekend. Please open your eggs upon arrival and leave feedback promptly, I will do the same. If something goes amiss, I would appreciate the opportunity to resolve any issues first. Should you end up with a failed hatch, I will replace your eggs ONCE, but you will need to pay the $15 for the additional shipping. Thank you for looking and happy bidding!





9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Turlock California
These chickens are so beautiful everyone that comes over are in awe of them. Harmony Oaks has been so nice helping my grand daughter & I learn what we need to know to show the ones we have. She is a wealth of information & a joy to visit with.

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