6+ SQ Magpie Duck Hatching Eggs~Silver, Blue, &Black

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    Feb 21, 2010
    I will take pics tomorrow in the sunlight of our flock. This week we had storms and tornado weather so was not fit for the camera and pretty yucky outside! My flock of SQ Magpies consists of Silver, Blue, and Black hens...and a drake in each color also. There is 10 hens in this bunch that are laying!! My incubators are running over... just kidding, they cannot fit another egg till sometime next week. This auction is for 6+ eggs, you will get atleast 2 extra. These ducks have a great personality...and pretty quiet too. They seem very hardy, intelligent, and self sufficient, meaning they are hunting their own food...and know to go back to their food source also. They have free range of my yard, because this is the only mature breed of duck i have right now. So no possibility of mixes from these eggs! I am starting this auction off at $2 an egg... the winning bidder is welcome to purchase additional eggs at the ending bid price. Just contact me prior to the end of the auction please, so i am aware ahead of time and keep setting eggs to fill the auction. If you are interested in eggs, but cant get them this week, you may contact me to set up a later date too. We are getting 8+ eggs a day right now... consistently. More eggs then i know what to do with right now...so some are becoming eating eggs in the fridge too. Good Luck...and Happy Bidding (-:

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