6+ SQ w/Proven wins Blue mottled & black mottled bantam cochin eggs

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    Apr 28, 2010
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    Up for auction are 6+ proven show quality blue mottled cochins and black mottled cochins. These are typey, small birds that the judges just love. They are very sweet and active and hard to get good pics of lol. I have a few pairs and they always win something at the shows, best of variety/reserve best of variety/ hens have placed and my male "elvis" has placed also. They are easy to handle and great fun to own.

    I breed for the correct mottled pattern which increases with age so if I have hen with lots of mottle, I put her with a less mottled male to even out the babies and make them better. So far it's working. The ones I"ve hatched this year are looking good and nice and blue! You can also get black mottled from these breedings.

    "Elvis" he's the one the judges love the most, always bringing home a win or place of some sort and he's still being shown as a cockerel so he's only getting better!

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