6 Turkey Poults 4 RP, 1 BS, & 1 BZ. 7-9 weeks~ NPIP

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    Jul 4, 2009
    I have 6 Turkey Poults available. 4 Royal Palm, 1 Blue Slate, & 1 Standard Bronze. These are unsexed they are still too young to tell. They are 9 weeks old, except the standard bronze who is 7 weeks old. They have had the Coryza vaccine.
    Acceptable Payments: Paypal, Money Orders, & Google Checkout.
    Shipping: $70.00

    Terms: Please understand I cannot and will not ship until weather is permitting on both ends. I also cannot refund or replace for Any that arrive doa. The post office will not refund either unless it was there fault. I will do everything on my end to make sure they get to you safe and sound. If you cannot accept these terms please do not bid.

    Thanks for Looking. [​IMG]

    4 Royal Palm Turkey Poults: Just starting to get there black specks.

    1 Blue Slate Turkey Poult:

    1 Standard Bronze Turkey Poult:

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