6 week frizzle cochin and 6 week brahmas bantam genders?


7 Years
Sep 24, 2012
Okay, last ones... all 6 weeks

Cochin Frizzle that I'm thinking roo on :( Awesome chicken but a little on the crazy side. First time outside it started running around and chased after our adult EE. Did this in a weird position with it's head close to the ground and kind of...charging...kind of like a bull lol! Haven't had a rooster since I was little and don't know if this is maybe a roo thing or it just was having a really good time. The EE ran away ROFL!!

Next is the smaller brahma. Seemed to be the runt of our group. Grew slower and kind of got pushed around by some of the others when they were eating. However, got prettier faster and seemed to start feathering more quickly than the larger one.

Larger of the brahmas. Bigger but slower on feathering. Both are 6 weeks and have almost no combs.


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