6 week old chick drooling/spitting up?


5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
Northern California
Hi all,

I have a 6.5 week old chick who just did the weirdest thing, and I just wanted to make sure that I didn't need to take any immediate steps. They are currently free ranging in my backyard, which they do for about 2 or 3 hours per day (basically whenever I can supervise). A few minutes ago this one chick walked up to me (not unusual) and started drooling or spitting up or vomiting... not sure what you would call it. Liquid came out of her mouth twice, not like a big stream, but more like a large amount of drool. Then she just turned around and kept picking at the grass. She is acting 100% normal, otherwise. She is eating, drinking, not lethargic. As background information, she is one of 6 chicks. They are still inside at night but I put them out in the morning into their run, or they can walk around when I'm outside. They are eating Scratch and Peck brand chick starter, with grit added. They also are eating bugs/weeds/grass in the yard, obviously. We do not use chemicals in the yard. The only other treats that they've had are some organic kale and chopped garlic. They are on sand in the brooder, and I clean it once per day. They still have their eco glow heater but mostly sleep on top of it. They have fresh water inside and outside, and I use nipple waterers,so no mess inside the water. She just made this poop while I was watching her, and it's a little bubbly. Is that normal? She usually has huge, much more solid poops. Any advice would be appreciated! Is there anything I should be doing?



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