6 week old chick not walking a lot


11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
These are hatcher chicks. I hatched 4 eggs in an incubator my son made and decided to buy 4 others to keep them company. I have ees and I bought Turkens. The Turkens were probably a couple of days older but it seemed the grew a lot faster than my ees. They got big fast and are still bigger than the ees. I knew they are a large bird. I just felt they grew very fast.

They were fine and all walking and being normal. When they got all there feathers I moved them out to the small hen house by themselves. Then I noticed the Turken rooster was laying a lot. He would get up and stretch his legs and take a few steps them lay back down. One of the Turken hens was walking a little bit funny but she was walking around. The hens are quite a bit smaller than the roo.

I just wondered if anyone has had this happen with Turkens. The ees don't have a problem. Two of them are roosters and they are all fine. The other two Turken hens seem to be fine also. I wonder if the roo just grew too fast for his legs like some of the meat birds do. I wanted to keep him because they are usually docile and nice roos. But it looks like he will have to go to the meat pen.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

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