6 week old chick with wing injury~worry wart mom here

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Lake County, Florida
    Hi everyone! Ok, I went outside this morning to check on my babies and noticed that my little "spider" didn't come running when I called. She was standing there with her wing hanging down and not her sweet little self. [​IMG] She also had a little scratch on her leg. She wasn't interested in eating much either. I searched the posts for wing injuries and what to do about them so I found some self adhering ace wrap and wrapped her wing up close to her body (not too tight) and left her good wing out for balance. I kept her in with the other chicks but in a large tub so that she wouldn't be bothered much but I put her back with them when it got dark so she could snuggle up. Between me and my 8 year old daughter, little spider has been pretty spoiled today.[​IMG] We made sure that she was eating and drinking but I still worry too much. Is there anything else that I could be doing? It's like having a sick child that is to young to tell you what is wrong! Thanks in advance for any advice! Although I am addicted to BYC already I am SO glad it's here!! [​IMG]

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