6 week old chick with wry neck now scratching her head...

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    Here I ago again...another post on my 6 week old BR with wry neck.

    Today I noticed she is scratching the side of her head near her ear a lot. I am wondering if this is a symptom of the wry neck or something else? She seems to be constantly digging/cleaning herself too. I looked at her ear and it does not seem red, swollen or anything else out of the ordinary. I looked for lice, etc but didn't see anything like that either. Do chickens get ear mites like other animals? I've dealt with them before in my cats and ferrets. I am also wondering if that or an infection could be messing with her neck/balance and causing the wry neck? I find it so weird that she is my only chick with any problems like this vitamin or otherwise.

    Any thoughts?

    She is on vitamin B, E, Selenium and Avia Charge and medicated started.
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    I realize this is a very old post but did you ever receive an answer to your question?

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