6 week old flock of hens and 1 Orpington Rooster?!?


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Just wanted to share my flock. We bought all pullets and we are thinking (as of right now) only 1 is a rooster. Thinking the smaller Orpington is the roo, "he's" about 5 weeks old on the right, next to a 6 week old pullet. Let me know what you think.

And here are a few more of the rest of the "girls", just because their nice to look at (ignore the poopy boards)!
Your pic is rather small, but from what I can see it looks like a roo! Can't see his back-end which should look quite different from the pullet on the left....but what a beautiful pair!
Sorry for the small pics, I don't know why the posted that way :/
His back end does look totally different than the little lady's! I thought the backend difference was just because she was a week older. His personality is much different too, he is always the first to investigate and pretty courageous for a chicken, lol! It seems he already likes to watch out for the girls. I'm trying to handle him often to keep him nice, not sure it'll help his disposition in the future, but he's sweet now. BTW, this is the only one my husband got to name when we got "her", Shanaenae :rolleyes:
Here is Shanaenae checking out the camera


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