6 week old pullet acting drunk??

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    Jan 18, 2008
    I have a group of 5-8 week old pullets and one roo that I got all at the same time from Atwoods about a month ago. All are doing great except for one pullet. She is, I think, a Standard Game. I got her and the matching roo out of the heavy bin thinking they were dark cornish, but it was obviously a mistake on Ideal's part.

    Anyway, she is very flighty, and has never had the best balance ever since she started trying to fly or run very fast. She acts top-heavy and will actually fall over when she is leaning forward to run. She eats and drinks well. Has firm poo. Enjoys grazing on grass and clover with the other chickens, but she acts drunk. She will weave while standing still. And if she gets jostled, she might fall over, but get right back up.

    I have debated culling her, but I just wonder if it is neurological and just something wrong with her. In that case, I guess I should cull her anyway, but she seems happy. I also wonder if she just got knocked on the head by something, or what? Her mate is the only roo, and he tends to watch out for her. She also has a favorite "friend" that she looks for when she wants to take a nap. She's not a friendly chicken at all, and would never be a pet, but if she is happy, I'd hate to cull her. No one is picking on her right now. I've been keeping an eye out for that, because I don't want her to suffer.

    I do catch her periodically and check her over. No wounds, no mucous, everything looks good.

    Any ideas?



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    It sounds a lot like Marek's. Have they been vaccinated? Read my personal page CLICK HERE to learn more about it. I also suggest doing some research on the Internet.

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