6 weeks...42 degrees over night?


12 Years
Jan 2, 2008
The chicks are going to be spending their first night in the chicken coop! It is not insulated, but it is draft free and filled with hay for bedding. 15 chicks, all appear feathered out. The low tonight is 42- will they be ok?

Worried mom...
They are supposed to start out at 95 degrees and have the temp decreased by 5 degrees per week. So at 6 weeks old, they should have temps near 65 degrees. I would not put them out unless you have a light to keep the temps near the optimal range.
We put ours in the coop at 7 weeks but we have heat lamp and covered 3 sides. Even with all the snow we have gotten in the last 3 days they are doing well other than they done want to come out to play in the snow. If you can get a heat lamp in there at least they can get warm if they need and snuggle to stay warm.

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