6 Weeks, Breed or Gender?


11 Years
May 12, 2011
I have three supposed Black Cochin chicks, and one Buff Cochin chick. However, none of these birds seem to be pure Cochins. The "Buff Cochin" chick looks to me like a cross between a Buff Brahma and a Buff Orpinginton. The others, I have no clue about.

Your opinions are appreciated!

Chick # 1- The mystery cockerel

Chick #2- Buff one, thinking pullet

Chick #3- Black Cochin with something else?

On the left

Chick #4 Black Cochin bantam mix?

Does #3 even have a single comb? In the first pic he does look rooish. Do you have any idea what other breeds the person who sold them to you has? None of them look like what you bought, unless the last two are black and just really short on leg feathering.
Thanks for the replies! :)
It's obvious these guys aren't Cochins. I searched for a reputable breeder and drove a ways to get Cochins, and here I end up with vulture-hocked mutts. Ha!

#3 seems to have a pea comb, and has gotten green-ish feathers on his/her back. I'm leaning toward roo atm, but not 100% sure.

#1 has always looked and acted like a boy, and he is the sweetest bird! When #3 picks a fight with him, he always backs down. I must find a way to keep him in a subdivision! House chicken? Haha. I don't know what kind of mix he is. The lady had a frizzled SLW roo hanging around so perhaps that was his dad? No idea.
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Probably some ones hatchery stock cochins breeding with different cochin colors. So you have cochins just mixed colors and hatchery stock. Only time will tell this age they look the worse.
I wonder if they have bantam Brahma besides wyandottes, that would mostly explain the different colors and the combs. #3 looks like a boy to me also. They're at that ruffly feather stage, but none of them really look frizzled to me. House chickens seem to be the up and coming thing, might as well be in the forefront.

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