6 weeks chicks wont go in coop - now its rainy and 50 degrees

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by norton1167, May 9, 2016.

  1. norton1167

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    Feb 8, 2016
    First time chicken mom. I am worried about my 6 week old chicks not going in their coop...only been in the new run for 3 days - and last 3 nights I have had to put them in coop. Waited last night until well after dark hoping they would find their way only to find them all piled up along the run wall trying to keep warm.

    Today is has been raining all day. Now almost completely dark, raining harder and about 50 degrees outside. They will not come out from under the coop...it is raised off the ground and fenced on 3 sides. They first ran to me but as soon as raindrops fell on them they ran back under. I do not want to crawl in mud and poop to try and get them out from under the coop.

    Are they ok to leave out, will they figure out that they should go inside?

    Worried about my new babies...any and all help appreciated.

  2. 0wen

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    Mar 25, 2016
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    If at all possible, once you get them in the coop - leave them in there for a few days. Give them access to food/water and let them learn where there new home is (assuming they just moved from an indoor brooder?)
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    If you can fit under there, go under there and get them. They should go to their coop just before dusk every day. In taking care of working animals, especially chickens...the worse the weather is, the more likely it is you are out there getting covered in mud making things right. It is just how it is, when it is the coldest, and wettest and stormiest is always when something goes wrong and has to be fixed or taken care of, that is just how it seems to go. Invest in a whole rain suit... you'll use it eventually ;)

    It might take them awhile still before one of them becomes the leader and takes them all to the coop every night, until then...you are the rooster, and you take them into the coop. And cover up the 4th side under the coop unless you want to get back in there again ;) Their instinct is that that is a really safe place.
  4. norton1167

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    Feb 8, 2016
    rain slowed and they huddled in same corner as last night. I put flashlight in coop and placed them all on the coop ramp. 1 of the 6 got the hint without physical guidance.

    I will definitely keep them in the coop for the next 4-5 days and try this again.

    At least next batch - currently a week old - should just be able to watch and learn from this batch.....if i can get them to get it!

  5. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Might want to fence off the 'under coop'.
    I fenced part of the run under the coop(24-30" high), but only 4 feet deep so I wouldn't have to crawl as far if needed.

    The next group of chicks may be kept out of the coop by the first group......
    .....think now about how you plan to integrate the 2 groups.
    The first group will not likely welcome the new group with gentle lessons of how to cope.
  6. norton1167

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    Feb 8, 2016
    I was keeping food under coop to keep bugs out of coop and to keep food dry.

    The littles are not going to the coop for another month. Hopefully my first group has coop identified as home by then.

    Feed store said wire off part of run and coop when introducing the littles for at least a week so they can get to know each other. My older ones are all so close and no particular bird is showing any type of leadership role.

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