6 wheaten marans eggs feathered leg


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Dec 30, 2008
Berkeleysprings West Virginia
wheaten marans feathered leg
i have 6 eggs ready to ship just PM me i use paypal only no Guarantee on eggs shiped cost is $34.70
this history is a few weeks old and the eggs are fresh

the history of my small flock is i bought 7 eggs on eBay from julie 3810 for$ 31.41 +s&h , she said she got eggs from davis and got 1 great hen that I kept and some poor roosters I didn’t like and culled (re-homed)
then bev Davis helped me out about a year ago with a few eggs and sadly only got a few roosters , and i kept one that looked the best .
then I bought 12 eggs form back woods poultry buddy hennery/ron Presley
and hatched only 2 hens that I kept and a bunch of roosters and I kept 1 . that is the history of the 3 hens and 2 roo adult birds born 3-26-2009. The birds are housed in nice draft free coop with a cattle fence run completely enclosed to keep out the predators raccoons are the worst in the mountains ,
as for the egg color my birds lay I am new to marans so its hard for me to say . I have pictures but pictures sometimes lie about egg color .if I was to guess id say a # 5 on the color chart .i don’t think my 3 birds (hens) have had a chance to show the color of egg they can produce because they have only laid around 15 eggs each starting x-mass eve
and the brutal weather and winter here in west Virginia (eastern most tip in the pan handle) has played a part in their color I would think.
Randy kallok
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Soaring Chicks

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Jan 3, 2010
Nice birds.
I understand about the inclosed run. We have not only coons but minks,hawks,foxes.
Are you going to be at the TRS sale in April?

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