6+ Wheaten Marans Hatching Eggs...dark Eggs...npip Certified!!!

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    This is our second auction on BYC for the wheaten marans. Please note we will update photos once they are through with their moult. Not only are they currently in the middle of it but one of our hens started pecking tail feathers. All but 1 hen is french standard and the roo has very light feathering on the legs. Fertility is great and the eggs are nice and dark. We originall bought ours from Hodges Farms and have been very happy with the eggs. The girls are laying great and these eggs will be shipped shortly after the end of the auction. We accept paypal and our account is [email protected] so you can easily send payment at the end here. Shipping will be $12.50 and covers the cost of shipping and the packing materials. We carefully ship each egg and have had nothing but happiness from our buyers on our packing. If you happen to be interested in placing an order for chicks we will start selling 12+ chick lot's here shortly.

    Brandon and Heather

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