6 White Chantecler Hatching Eggs - Greg Oakes of Ontario Imported Chanteclers - Auction

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    6 White Chantecler Hatching Eggs - Greg Oakes of Ontario Imported Chanteclers

    This is Presale#2.
    You are bidding on 6 Exhibition IMPORTED Canadian

    Hatching Eggs
    NPIP 71-621

    Attn: These eggs are available to ship soon.
    You will get the first available batch of eggs.
    They should be laying soon!
    We will only make a few presales available.
    This gets you reserved on the waiting list.

    Do not bid unless you understand this listing completely.

    If we have more than 6 eggs at shipping time, we will add extras, otherwise this is for 6 (six) hatching eggs.
    Our White Chanteclers were acquired directly from Greg Oakes of Ontario, Canada at the Crossroads Joint National Poultry Show. They are very gentle.

    Greg Oakes, who has been raising Chanteclers at his farm near Guelph, Ont., for more than 25 years, hopes the deal will trigger a similar initiative in Ontario, as well as other provinces.
    He said the fowl would make ideal commercial poultry, especially compared with the mass-produced kind that are ready for the supermarket less than two months after they hatch.
    "They're not raised at such a speed that they're prone to these health issues - they're not going to keel over and have a heart attack," said Oakes, who also serves as chair of Rare Breeds Canada, a group that works to conserve scarce breeds of heritage farm animals.
    "Because they haven't been in cages for, like 30 years, they haven't had their natural instincts bred out of them.
    "They still know how to be a chicken."

    Chantecler Chicken


    The Chantecler originated in the Quebec Province of Canada and is a fine example of a dual-purpose breed. Brother Wilfred Chatelain first thought of the idea for the Chantecler when he was walking through the Oka Agricultural Institute’s poultry flocks, in Quebec, and realized there was no breed of chicken from Canada; all of the breeds being used in Canadaoriginated in Europe or America. He wanted to create a breed of chicken that could stand the harsh climate of Canada, and that could be used for both egg and meat production.

    From the French ‘chanter,’ “to sing,” and ‘clair,’ “bright,” the Chantecler is the first Canadian breed of chicken. Under the supervision of Brother Chatelain, the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka,Quebec, sought to create, “a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic conditions of Canada, a general purpose fowl.” Although work began on this breed in 1908, it was not introduced to the public until 1918, and admitted to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection in 1921.

    The Chantecler was created by first crossing a Dark Cornish male with a White Leghorn female, and a Rhode Island Red male with a White Wyandotte female. The following season pullets from the first cross were mated to a cockerel from the second cross. Then selected pullets from this last mating were mated to a White Plymouth Rock male, thus producing the fowl as seen today. Although this produced a pure White Chantecler, Dr. J. E. Wilkinson of Alberta,Canada, decided to create a similar chicken with a color pattern more suited to range conditions, one whose color pattern would blend with its background. He crossed the Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn, to create the Partridge Chantecler. The Partridge Chantecler was admitted into Standard in 1935.

    The breed is noted for having nearly no wattles and a small cushion comb – the comb appearing much like a small round button sitting low on the head. The small comb and wattles allow this breed to withstand the cold Canadian winters without worry of frostbite. Not surprisingly, the breed is noted for being very hardy, is an excellent layer of brown eggs with a reputation as a good winter layer, and has a well-fleshed breast.

    The Chantecler can still be found in both of its original colors, White and Partridge; both having yellow flesh and legs. It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a productive fowl that will excel in a wintry climate. The breed is noted for being calm, gentle, and personable.

    Status: Critical

    Jim has been an Endowment Trust Lifetime member of the American Poultry Association since 1991.
    We accept PayPal only
    The eggs we ship you are fresh. We ship by Priority Mail, and encourage you to have us put your phone number on the package so your local Post Office can call you to pick the eggs up when they arrive. If you wish us to do this, please include it when you send your payment. We wrap each egg individually and take great care to ensure that they reach you safely.

    As with all shipped eggs, we have no control over the conditions during shipment, or your specific incubation environment, so cannot guarantee the hatch rate of the eggs we sell.

    Shipping and handling rate is to the continental US only. We ship only to the lower 48 US states.

    Please understand these eggs are being shipped through the postal service, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to variables in shipping, weather and incubation methods. You are buying eggs. However we do guarantee fresh eggs are collected and wrapped very well for their journey. These White Chantecler hatching eggs are from our pair of exhibition IMPORTED breeders. If you do have a concern with shipping, incubation questions, or your hatch please, do not hesitate to contact us.

    We have great success in our incubators but cannot guarantee hatch rate do to conditions beyond our control after they leave our farm.

    Payment PayPal only no e-checks!!!!!
    Payment must be made at time of purchase.

    Please leave feedback after you receive your eggs, not after they hatch.
    You are bidding on eggs, not chicks.

    There will be no refunds unless we are unable to ship the eggs by May 1, 2012.

    File ALL damage claims with the USPS.
    We do not replace shipments damaged by the USPS.


    Note: We have three Easter Egger pullets with this pair, so we know all Brown eggs will be pure!

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    Mother-inlaw found a "fart" egg yesterday. The hen should get her act together and have usable eggs in a week or so.

    Greg Oakes keeps three strains of White Chanteclers. One is an old one from Ontario, a recent one from Quebec and the one Greg evolved off of the old Ontario strain. The Greg Oakes strain looks like the one in the standard. The old Ontario strain looks like it has more Cornish with a wide front end and shorter back and the Quebec one looks like it has Wyandotte influence with larger combs and wattles. The Chantecler is a composite. This listing is of the “evolved” strain that looks like the one in the Standard of Perfection.

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