6+ white SHOWGIRL eggs.

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    6+ eggs from my pen of white Showgirls. I have a homozygous Showgirl rooster with pure Showgirl hens. Fertility has been confirmed and is excellent. I've hatched some amazing chicks from my Showgirls this summer and I've got enough for myself...it's time to share. [​IMG]

    Due to the many variables involved with shipped hatching eggs, I am not responsible for your hatch rate, nor for any damage incurred to the eggs while in USPS transit. I pack each egg in individual bubble bags and place them in a cardboard egg carton. I then use plenty of packing material around the carton to ensure that it does not move around inside the box. Paypal payment is expected within one hour of auction's end. Immediately following the auction's end, I will pm the winning bidder with payment instructions.

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  2. LisaAnnW

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    Jul 31, 2011
    They're so cute! I wish my hens were broody right now so I could bid.....[​IMG]

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