6 wk old chicks?


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Aug 28, 2009
I am thinking my 6 wk old chicks might be ready to go in the coop.. But I am a bit worried they may fly out of the run. They are flying to the top of the broader box and roasting when i feed them and check on them? The fencing is only 4ft fencing. But I am also worried they may get to cold in wisconsin.

Any info would be helpful.
They WILL fly out of a 4 ft run.

You should get it covered with something that won't get weighed down from rain or snow and collaps on the little darlings.

Preditors could easily get over 4' as well.

Mine like to go in their coop during the day to cool off or warm up. Is your coop big enough for them to go in during the day? Do you have shavings that they can snuggle down in?

Good luck with your little ones.

I put mine out at 6wks old back in March. I moved their stock tank brooder out and kept the red heat lamp on. They continued to sleep down in the tank until they were 9-10 wks old, then they started using the roost.
Sweet Cheeks,

How high do you think I should go if I were to add some fencing to get it higher for them not to fly out? Do you clip your chicks wings??
Thanks so much I also have been using the pine bedding for them and am also planning on keeping the heat lamp in the coop for the whole winter.
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personally, i don't clip their wings so that if a predator gets in, they can at least fly to try to escape (we have roosts in the run)

you could also try putting hardware cloth, chicken wire, netting, or other covers over top of your run so that hawks and owls can't swoop in, and raccoons and possums can't climb in.

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