6 year old hen can't stand properly

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Hi friends,

    I'm new to raising chickens and have been monitoring one of our hens who has been acting strange for about 10 days now. At first, she was very lethargic and wouldn't stand up at all - she's usually the first to greet you at the door of the coop and eager to roam around. Another one of her mamas said she had diarrhea, but I never saw it myself. I hand fed her for a few days and she regained some strength, but it still being very strange. She walks, but slowly, and it's more like a waddle. She almost looks like she is in an egg-bound position, but she is nearly 6 years old and stopped laying eggs at least a year ago (I adopted her in July), maybe longer. She seems to be walking around much more now, and she is still eating well if you bring food to her. She doesn't seem to be in pain, and her pupils look normal, the color of her comb looks the same... etc. These chickens have had multiple homes and do not like to be touched, so it's hard to tell you what else is going on with her.

    Here are two pictures I took of her that show you how she's standing. My other chicken was sitting with her for a few days, which they did before another chicken in the flock died, so I was sure I was going to lose her. I 'm shocked that she's still alive at this point.



    Anyone have ideas of what could be going on with her? I've heard worms, marek's, and a few other theories. At this point, she is almost 6 and doesn't lay any more, so i'm not sure what lengths it is worth going to to prolong her life.

    Thank you!!
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    Dec 10, 2012
    she looks like her belly might be swollen, filled with fluid, called ascites. It can from egg problems, liver failure, kidney problems, are a few. I had a hen get like that, I gave her a warm bath in epsom salt and she got better, she lived another 7 months. I know she was sick. I think this is what happens with age also. But, if you can a warm bath cures egg bound issues too.

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