60++ Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs for sale! Free Shipping!

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    Hi Folks! Rebel Roo Here... [​IMG]
    We have raised the Coturnix Quail here on our farm for years! They are so easy to hatch and raise! Eggs incubate and hatch in 15 to 17 days and the birds are breeding and laying in 7 to 8 weeks! You will get a mix of Jumbos, Texas A&Ms, & Manchurian Specks... (We will ship 65 to 70 eggs!) These are some of the gentlest little birds that we've ever raised here at Rush Lane Poultry & Game Birds! We have hatched hundreds here on the farm and that's enough for now! So here ya go! Price includes shipping to lower 48 states and Alaska! Paypal payment is preferred... Contact me if your are interested and I'll send you a Paypal Invoice!
    Thanks for lookin' folks!

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    I know you prefer paypal but I don't have one. Is cash or a check anything you would even consider. PLEASE!!! They are beautiful birds
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    Following for payday.
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