60 rhode island reds,black sex-links,red sex-links


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
birmingham alabama
i have 60 or so rir,black sex links,red sex links.they are 10 each but some ill take less for some of them. i just bought them from a man and i have anround 60 of them and need to get rid of alot!!! they are a year or so. and lay well for me,for the little time i had them. they would be really pretty if they would be put up and away from roosters. they are reallly heavy birds,too. im in trussville alabama and pick up only. ill post pics if any one is interested. and its a pretty good deal on the price but i just got to get rid of them because i dont have room. and ill seperate so you ddont have to buy them all at once.

thanks blake!!!!!
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