6mo Lavender English Orpington Roo, from Imported 2012 Line

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    Jul 13, 2012
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    I have a six month old lavender rooster for sale from Gisbrecht's line of English Lavender Orpingtons, where I purchased him as a week old chick. This is a big & beautiful line of birds and her day old chicks run $25 apiece. For the cost of gas I am willing to deliver him by car in Southeast & Mid Michigan --anywhere from Toledo to Port Huron to Lansing or so-- but local pickup in Metro Detroit is preferred.

    This rooster is mid-level in the pecking order at the moment, and I can see him integrating nicely into a new flock. The lavender color, also known as pearl grey, is not sex linked and breeds true. It is a diluting gene that can be used to create lots of new shades in your flock.
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