6mo old rooster has 2 crooked toes on same foot after fight with out dogs


10 Years
May 1, 2009
he fluttered into the inside yard while the dogs were out and they got after him. i saw feathers on the ground and both dogs had a little blood on their fur (very little!, not theirs). i did not notice any toes crooked when i saved him; he was so stunned/shocked/scared that he just stood there for me to pick him up and carry him back out to the outside yard. he ran around right away and started crowing again pretty soon after. i just noticed the toes today. the fight was about about 2 days ago. is it too late to try to set them? could they just be dislocated? i can see them kind of flexing when he moves his foot to walk. sometimes he'll pick that foot up off the ground and hold it up for about a minute. i hate to think of him hurting if i can fix it. then again, i'm not sure that i wouldn't just make it worse by trying to straighten it. he is able to sit on the roost but i use about 4" thick logs for their roosts so they don't really have to curl their toes much.

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