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    Jul 13, 2011
    She Has Been Hiding Under The House, Not Coming Out To Feed Or To Lock Up At Night. Has Been Laying Heavily For The Last Month Almost Everyday. Went 7 Days In A Row Skipping One Day To Start Back The Next. Have A Barred Rock And A Easter Egger Both Are Fine. The Days Have Become Hotter So The Birds Will Feed Early Then Go Under The House To Cool Through The Afternoon Coming Out In The Evening To Feed Again Before Lockup. Egg Laying Has Happened Mostly In The Morning Always In Their Box Never Outside The Coop. Have Only Tried To Coach Out From Under The House With Food And Have Made Sure Fresh Water Is Available For Her. She Has Not Come To Get In Her Coop For Three Nights. Missed Two Nights Came Back Two Nights In A Row And Last Night She Didnt Come From Under The House Again To Lock Up , Also Didnt See Her Thismorning. If She Is Coming Out It Is For A Very Short Moment. The Couple Of Times I Have Seen Her She Was At The Water Bowl And Pecking Very Slowly At The Ground. [​IMG] BATON ROUGE, LA
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    Maybe it's the July heat? I am a rank newbie with chickens, but love them dearly. My only advice is to fortify her water with Poly Vi Sol baby vitamins WITHOUT IRON and to offer watermelon and cool -down treats like that. The Pro's here at BYC can offer more advice. Here's a "bump".
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    Is she broody???
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    Jul 13, 2011
    not broody, and the best word to describe her is lethargic. She doesnt look like another animal has harmed her, but she deffinitly looks like something is wrong. She sat at the water bowl this morning for about 5 minutes and was completely unresponsive to food.
    We actually put some watermelon out for them about 2 days ago and she didnt even look at it.
    This particular bird is the dominant one in our yard and its totally out of character for her to act this way.
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    My suggestion would be to grab her and take a very close look at her...breathing OK?, not egg bound?, Crop OK? No nasal discharge? If you have A/C in your house I would take her in OR at least get her near a fan......feed electroyles / vitamins see if she will eat some yogurt or scrambled egg or mealworms...you can freeze bottles of water and let her sit by them for the coolness. The intense heat can be very hard on the birdies......hope that helps get you started.....

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