6wk old chick issues????


6 Years
Dec 15, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
Looking for some advice... trying to help a lady out.....

She has 6 - 6 week old chicks.. 2 are eating and drinking moving around, 4 are not eating, lathargic, lay on their sides, but are drinking lots of water... all have runny watery poop... no blood in it...

On medicated feed..


10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
California, central valley
Chicks can and often still do pop a case of coccidiosis even when on medicated feed, I've had it happen to me. With the symptoms you describe I would start them immediately on Corid. Sometimes you will see blood with coccidiosis, sometimes you won't so don't rule it out based on that alone. If any of the chicks are so ill they will not drink on their own she can give the medicated solution to them with an eye dropper several times a day until they start drinking on their own. Or get the liquid and give them a drop or two undiluted to get them started. If they are not to far gone from it they will perk up in a day or so.

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