6'x8'6 coop, 8'x14' run


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Apr 7, 2013
This is the size we are making our coop and run. I have 10 chicks (8 regular size, 2 bantams, and still not sure if any are roos, so that number could go down, as any roos will go to a friend). I know everyone says '4 sq. ft. in the coop, 10 sq. ft. in the run', but since I am beyond awful with what that computes to in relation to 'feet', can someone please tell me, will this be ok? Coop will have two or three widows that open, lots of vents, roost bar will be the full 8 feet, and I will be making 3 external nest boxes (though could do 4 if needed.) So, please tell me if this will be ok. It is inside my 10x30x6 dog kennel, so can always open the door and give them access to the rest of the kennel (I also have a squirrel release cage in that kennel which is why I cannot make the run any longer, but the is area in front of the squirrel cage they could run around as well, I would just throw a tarp over the top, for hawk protection and it would only be supervised.)

The subject should read 6'x8'x6' coop. It is elevated, as well. It is 8 feet L, 6 feet D, 6 feet H.
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To calculate "square feet" for a square or rectangle you simply multiply the length of one side wall by the length of the other side wall. We don't use height unless you are looking at volume and generally speaking volume doesn't matter as long as they birds have room for a perch which they certainly will in your coop.

For example if your coop is 6 feet long by 8 feet deep it would be 6ft x 8ft = 48²ft.
You can take that 48 square feet and divide it by 4 (because you are aiming for 4²ft per bird) and you get 48²ft ÷ 4²ft = 12 chickens which would fit in that coop according to the 4²ft rule.

Same can be said of the run area...

10ft x 30ft = 300²ft of area. Then 300²ft ÷ 10² feet per bird = 30 birds according to the 10 feet per bird rule.

Hope this helps.
Yes, it does, THANK YOU! (And according to that, I am good with the size I am doing, with a couple chickens to spare...lol)

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