7 1/2 week old black Ameraucanas ... pullets or roosters? Please help!


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May 12, 2010
I have 6 Ameraucana chicks that are about 7 and a half weeks old. Most of them I'm able to tell which are males and females but I'm confused on these two. Can someone help?

Here's Chicken #1. It doesn't have many tail feathers, but also doesn't have a comb that's as large or as red as a couple of its brothers. It also isn't as large as the ones I think are roosters.


Here's another picture of Chicken #1:

Here's a headshot of Chicken #1: It looks a bit masculine to me

Here's Chicken #2. It also doesn't seem to have as large of tail feathers as its female siblings. It also doesn't have as large or as red of comb as its brothers and it's smaller.

Here's another picture of Chicken #2: It takes turns strutting like a rooster and crouching like a hen.

Here's Chicken #2 acting more pullet-like:

Here's a head shot of Chicken #2:

Here are some new pics of Chicken #2: This one's a little fuzzy, but may it will help:

Here's another new pic of Chicken #2:

Thanks everyone!
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That would be awesome! I was especially stumped by the first one since she doesn't have much for tail feathers.
if they were my birds (and I have 2 brooders full of black ameraucana ranging 1-6 weeks) I would say cockerals. It depends whose lines you have, some don't have "tight" combs. Some lines I can tell at 3 weeks...
second one's comb looks red to me
is it just my puter? do you have a front comb shot of #2?

eta- ok, went out to check on mine, I agree #1 looks like a pullet, my roos are younger and the combs are much bigger. Still would like to see a front pic of #2's comb though
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Hello "Mad Scientist" ... I posted a couple of new pics of Chicken #2. Please let me know if they sway you one way or another. Thanks!

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