7-8 week old Wyandottes - roos or hens?


7 Years
Aug 20, 2012
I have figured out my orps and marans, but can't figure out how to sex my wyandottes! 4 in total. I'm pretty sure that I have them all covered!

#1 - The only one that appears Blue

#2 - Black laced red with a red head

Black laced red with a black head

This one could be the same as #2 - but I think it's #4
I've learned that with Wyandottes, it's so hard to tell except that roos get their waddles and large combs way earlier than pullets. That said, of yours, maybe the blue one is male and the rest famale?
What age are they? The one in picture #4(black laced with black head), looks to be a blue. Doyou have side pictures of them? From these pictures, could be hens...but without knowing the age, #1 might be a roo.

***just saw-7 to 8 weeks...#1 boy.
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Good looking birds!
Here are some updated pictures of 3 of them - one is alluding me :)

Right now i'm pretty sure I have 2 hens, one roo and one unknown


#2 - this one is easy to pick out because it's definitely a black laced red- no blue in it!

I think all three of those birds could be roos. That's a lot of comb and wattles for this age. The first one I'm quite certain.
Oh man! I already have 4 out of 5 maran roos!!! This has been a hatching disaster!

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